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  •  Versatile in style and genre, as well as being skilled with a variety of instruments, Kenyon made his musical debut in 1998. At that time, he played venues both as a solo act and with a band called THEN,NOW,GONE. After 3 years with the band, Kenyon decided to perform as a solo artist. Combining his ability to play several instruments, his knowledge of technology and sound engineering, Kenyon has produced and recorded several CD's. The first CD was recorded and distributed January 1999. It was a totally instrumental CD as Kenyon wanted to do a soundtrack for a friend producing a movie. By Spring of 2000, Kenyon had a second CD released which was a combination of Rock and Soft Rock. Kenyon is back in the studio composing, and performing both solo and with other artists. He has produced a number of CD's in the past few years and is soon going to debut some new music videos. Stay tuned!

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